About Bonnie Mills (Owner)

Bonnie Mills: Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) CPR/AED Certified, Member of ABMP Studied and graduated from Blue Cliff Career College, Massage Therapy in Mobile, Alabama Studied under former Olympic Swim Teams Senior Massage Therapist of seven years.

Education: Pre Med Natropathy, MSSU Nursing,  A&M Massage Therapy, Blue Cliff Career College, Mobile Alabama, NEO Physical Therapy, AM Physical Therapy

Studies: Russian Sports Massage, Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue massage, Medical Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy. Chair Massage, Tai Chi, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Lymphatic Drainage, Lomi Lomi, Infant Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Spa, Mineral body mud wraps, Aromatherapy Salt and Sugar Glows, Paraffin wax treatment, Ionic Foot Detox, Hydrotherapy, Cryotherapy, CPR/AED, Health and Nutrition.

My Philosophy: “Wisdom is to the Mind, as Health is to the Body“.

Why I do what I do: My heart is to help and bless others through the healing method of massage…

Little Bit About Me: I am the the 5th in my family to become a Licensed Massage Therapist. I am Native American of the Chickasaw tribe. I have 3 beautiful children.

Interests: Anything outdoors and competitive, repurposing things, remodeling, sewing, eating, cooking, building, photography, Ultimate Frisbee, Naturopathy, sailing, mountain biking, beaches and ocean water.

Nicole K

I am PAIN FREE! I have suffered from low pain and hip pain for years. Recently I just got hurting so bad I could hardly walk and the pain was interfering with my sleep. My husband had seen her and raved about her. I saw Bonnie twice in 2 days. When I went in, she worked on me and today I woke up without pain!!! I just don’t have the words to praise her and to thank you Bonnie!!!

Nicole K, November 2017

Mariah C-W

I’ve been to a few other therapists around town trying to find someone who could really alleviate my back/neck pain and Bonnie definitely did that for me. HIGHLY recommend!!!

Mariah C-W, November 2018

Grant H

A 5 Star rating isn’t adequate for, Bonnie! My job as a firefighter and hobby as a novice powerlifter have been very hard on my body. I have seen Bonnie on several different occasions for being banged up and have had great results. This last time I went in, I had been locked up tighter than a drum in my upper back with extreme pain. Where 3 different doctors’ visits, 3 injections, and 2 scripts failed to provide any relief, Bonnie was the only thing that provided instant relief and set me on the road to recovery. I highly recommend her!! She’s worked miracles for me!!

Grant H, November 2018

Ryan P

This was by far, one of the most profoundly life changing events for me. I had no IDEA that I could be pain free!!!! Thanks to Bonnie, I am able to have my life again. I wouldn’t be able to run, bike or play anymore without her expert knowledge. I think her encouragement and complete understanding of what was wrong with me, as well as a plan to get me healthy, would be what impressed me the most!! 5 stars!

Ryan P, February 2019

Julia T

Bonnie is the best massage therapist that I have ever been to. She is super kind and works hard to give her clients the very best care. I went to her the first time never having met her before and now we are friends :) she is amazing

Julia T, April 2021

Bonnie B

Bonnie does an amazing job as a massage therapist. I would recommend her for anyone who’s having any kind of issues! She takes the time to determine exactly what your issues are and goes right at them.

  • Amazing results
  • Professional masseuses
  • Luxurious experience

Bonnie B, June 2021

Mary V

I’ve been going to Executive Spa and Massage for almost 8 years now. Bonnie and her team are so professional and very good at what they do. Anytime I have tension or aches built up, Bonnie is able to relieve it and they don’t come back. It helps that she has a passion for her work and does continued education. She has a medical background and years of experience. After each massage I feel completely relaxed, recharged, and pain-free.

I’ve also started doing facials here and noticed that my breakouts have lessened, and my skin has a fresh glow.

Local and highly professional. I can’t recommend coming here enough!

  • Professional masseuses
  • Nice rooms
  • Last-minute appointments
  • Amazing results
  • Great deals
  • Luxurious experience
  • Clean changing rooms
  • Free consultation

Mary V, July 2020