I cannot say enough wonderful things about Bonnie, her location, and her services. I recently moved to the area from California, where I was accustomed to receiving a massage twice a month. My back was beginning to feel out of whack, so I found Bonnie and have been going to her every week for a few months. My body truly needs to help of a great massage therapist, and I am a believer that with massage your muscles and movement do not age as quickly. Call her today!

Kate M.

I am an RN, my feet hurt and I have heel spurs. Bonnie has magic in her hands because my feet don’t bother me after having one of her massages. Lord has blessed that child!

Sharon L. of Alabama

I felt comfortable and at ease, very relaxing I fell asleep.

James F.

A great stress reducer at the end of the day, I loved it!

Sheila S.

Best Deep Tissue massage I have ever had and Bonnie listened to my needs!

Christy A.

Please call us directly at (417) 624-4492, or click here to schedule an appointment.