Best Stretch Service | Joplin MO

One-on-One personal stretching
30 min | $40
60 min | $65

4 sessions (30-min each) / $120

4 sessions (60-min each) / $195

Before Your Appointment

Wear or pack comfy clothes that allow you to move freely during your stretch session. You’ll also want to drink plenty of water, so your muscles and soft tissue are hydrated for maximum benefits (and bendiness).


When you get to the spa, you’ll fill out your personalized form to indicate any medical history, injuries, or physical conditions that the stretch provider should be aware of. This step is important, so it’s best to arrive 15 minutes early to give yourself enough time to focus on you.
You’ll review your personalized form with your stretch therapist and discuss the areas of your body you’d like to address. Your session time includes up to 10 minutes for consultation before and after your stretch session.

Get Comfortable

Your Total Body Stretch session takes place in a relaxing, private room. Your stretch therapist will leave the room to allow you to change into your stretch clothing, if necessary.

During Your Stretch Session

After a brief warm-up, your stretch therapist will begin the Focused or Total Body Stretch session.

After Your Stretch Session

Be sure to drink lots of water to hydrate and help flush any toxins that may be released.

Please call us directly at (417) 624-4492, or click here to schedule an appointment.