Are you B12 Deficient?

What do all these diseases have in common?

Alzheimer’s, memory loss, dementia, MS, Depression, mental illness, bipolar,cardiovascular disease, learning or developmental disorders in kids, autism spectrum disorder, auto immune disease and immune dysregulation, cancer, male and female infertility…
ANSWER: they all mimic the signs and symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency.
   B12 works together with Folate in the synthesis of DNA and Red Blood cells. It is also involved in the production of the myelin sheath around nerves, and the conduction of nerve impulses.
   You can think of the brain and the nervousness system as a big tangle of wires. Myelin is the insulation that protects those wires and helps them to conduct messages.
B12 is the only vitamin that contains the trace element cobalt. Cobalt is only produced in the gut of animals. It’s the only vitamin we can’t get from plants or sunlight.plants don’t need B12 so they don’t store it. This is why more vegans are deficient.
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