One if the biggest misunderstandings in massage therapy is in the issue of deep tissue massage. People often believe that it involves the application of enormous amounts of hard, deep pressure and is going to be painful or unpleasant.

Actually, the term, ‘deep tissue massage’ has very little to do with amount of pressure that is applied and has everything to do with the process of working the deeper tissue layers of muscle and fascia used to correct and heal areas of dysfunction.

Deep tissue massage should be slow and thorough with an adequate amount of time used to work through the muscle tissues layer by layer. Increased attention, not pressure, should be applied to the, ‘knots’ and trigger points found along the way.

This is the mark of a skilled therapist. Too many will try to move too fast and use too much force, causing pain to the client. Additionally, the more forceful the approach, the more resistance is often found in the process as the muscles begin to, ‘push back’ against the pressure leading to a decrease in optimal results. A skilled therapist will always work with the body, allowing the tissue to respond on its own and release under a slower, more focused approach.

Now this doesn’t mean that there will be no pain, or discomfort. Working on trigger points and areas that are already sore and tight might be somewhat painful, but it shouldn’t be to the point that the client cannot breathe or relax throughout the process. If the pain becomes intense, then it may be necessary to slow the process or give the body some time to recuperate.

Everyone has a different level or tolerance, so communication and attentiveness is key throughout the process of a deep tissue massage.

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