Russian sports massage is a massage therapy technique developed in the former Soviet Union. It features similar techniques to other sports massage practice, but with slower, softer motions. This is due to the fact that Russian massage focuses on the use of friction to generate heat within the body. The main techniques are focused into four main groups: stroking, rubbing, kneading, and vibrations.

Russian massage includes range of motion exercises that are not used in other massage techniques. This combined with vibration is used to ease muscle pain and stiffness This is similar to the stretching techniques found in yoga. It can help to alleviate mental stress and has been believed to aid in the functioning of the nervous system, immune system and respiratory system.

While athletes are the most common beneficiaries, it can benefit almost anyone. To be safe, those considering it as a treatment option for illness or injury should always consult a licensed massage therapist and their primary care physician to see if it would be beneficial for their symptoms.

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