Winter is now a memory, along with the docile lifestyle that many people succumb to during its long, chilly stay. Too many of us have become armchair quarterbacks over the past several months. Although animated and quite demonstrative at times, the lack of participation in sports, gardening, and other activities tends to take its toll on the body.

Enter spring, with its fresh air and new life, gardens awaiting a plant and spade, and those notorious blank workplace signup sheets for team sports. Before getting in that all-star frame of mind, take time to start waking up, warming up and toning up muscles that have been resting during the off-season. This precaution and preparedness will not only strengthen the body, but also help protect it during activity.

The activities before and during the demands of spring and summer will be more enjoyable and beneficial when paired with massages from our highly-trained massage therapists. This will not only bring relaxation and stress relief, but also tremendous physical benefits. Add proper nutrition and hydrate with a lot of water, and your summer should be one of improved health, and fun.

We offer many beneficial and enjoyable options at our Spa. Contact our Joplin, MO, office for more information on our massage therapy solutions including, sports massage, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, hot stone massage and more services for optimal health benefits.