For many, it can be confusing to know what massage package to choose, and what the difference even is. Before you book your next massage therapy, read on to know what massage works best for your needs.

Deep-Tissue Massage

The deep tissue massage targets three primary regions of the body: the neck, back, and the fascia, or the connective tissues. The deep tissue massage gets it’s name for a quite literal reason: the massage is intended to penetrate deeper into the muscles and connective tissue than a traditional massage.

Many of the principles of the deep tissue massage are present in the Swedish massage as well. Due to the intense nature of the deep tissue massage, it is an incredible choice for those who suffer from injury, chronic pain, chronic poor posture or range of motion, and chronic or acute inflammation. The deep-tissue massage therefore is a popular choice among athletes.

Although the deep-tissue massage is often misled as being painful, our therapists at Executive Spa & Massage have been expertly trained to start off slowly and within the client’s tolerance. While it is typically to be a bit sore afterwards, you should feel better, not worse, after the massage. Remember: a massage should never cause pain.

Swedish Massage

If you are stressed from home or work issues, meet your new best friend: the Swedish massage, which despite its name, did not originate in Sweden. Johan Georg Mezger, a Dutch physician, originally began practicing the massage in 1812.

A Swedish massage consists of kneading and sliding movements, rubbing, vibration and percussion. Swedish massage works by lengthening and relaxing a patient’s muscles. This technique provides maximum circulation and relaxation. Overall, a Swedish massage is meant to be very relaxing and calming.

The Swedish massage is best for those who have sensitive skin, and for patients who wish to increase blood and lymph circulation. The Swedish massage is an excellent choice for those who wish to improve their mood, sleep, and concentration.

No matter what your wellness needs may consist of, Executive Spa & Massage have a wide variety of different types of massage and spa services to fit your needs and your budget. From the Swedish, Deep Tissue massages discussed today, to the Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Russian Sports Massage, and the Neuromuscular Massage, every client is sure to find a message service that is right for them.

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