Massage can have wonderful impact on your health and wellness. These benefits are compounded if the massages are scheduled regularly so as to maximize the benefit provided to the body. While the actual effects are numerous, here are five ways in which regular massage can improve your life:

Lowers Stress

The long-term effects of stress can take tolls on the body in both emotional and physical ways. Regular massage therapy can help to relieve stress and the conditions associated with it, such as muscle tension and reoccurring headaches.

Better Sleep – Some research indicates that regular massage can improve sleep in those suffering from lower back pain, insomnia, muscular pain and other painful conditions within the body.

Increases Mental Health and Wellness

Releasing the tension that you carry throughout your body can help to alleviate the affect that it produces within the mind. By decreasing your stress and improving your well being, you help to increase your mental health and wellness as well.

Manage Pain

When you’re in pain you’re not yourself and your quality of life is impeded. Massage can help to mitigate the pain from a wide variety of issues, allowing you to feel better and may help to limit your need for pharmaceuticals.

Increase Range of Motion

Athletes have long understood the benefit that massage can have on their range of motion. Massage helps to reduce muscle tension, improves exercise performance and helps to prevent injuries over time.

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