Your buttocks are a combination of fat and muscle. The butt’s gluteal muscles, collectively among the largest in the body, are necessary for stability, movement, and posture. In short, they’re very important.

When they’re injured or weak from not being used properly, the glutes can cause a variety of problems, from low back and hip pain to a shortened range of motion.

A butt massage can help treat these issues — and a whole host of pain-related problems. A butt massage is meant to stretch and push the glute muscles. This can boost circulation, improve range of motion, and increase muscle stability.

Whether you’re keen to get a butt massage to relieve a tight tush, are curious if it can help you recover from a hard day at the gym, here’s what you need to know about butt massage.

Butt massage benefits

Butt massage offers a host of benefits for your body. These include better range of movement in your lower half, pain relief, increased circulation, and faster muscle recovery.

Benefits of having your glutes massaged:

  • Relaxes and loosens tight Gluteal Muscles
  • Helps alleviate low back pain
  • Helps reduce tightness in the hamstrings
  • Helps reduce the feeling of tight IT Band and knee pain
  • Helps alleviate hip pain and stiffness
  • Helps reduce aches and pains in the glutes
  • Helps relieve tension and promotes full body relaxation

If you find that you have back pain, especially in the low back, or have tight and stiff legs, or hip pain or discomfort, the odds are you will have tight gluteus muscles and would most likely benefit from having your glutes and Piriformis worked on during your massage.  Your massage therapist should gladly work on your glutes for you.  If not, you need to find a new therapist.

A good therapist knows how to work on this major muscle group.  As with the rest of your massage, you should be covered with draping exposing the body part that they are working on at the time.  For glutes, one side is worked on at a time and usually the same leg is exposed and the sheet tucked under the knee and thigh.

Most people are surprised by how tender or sore this area is on them.  The tight and dense muscles need some coaxing to relax and release, but once they do, your hips will feel freer, more mobile, and you will feel less pain and stiffness in your back, glutes, and legs!

So the next time you get a massage, say yes to getting your glutes massaged!  Feel the benefits and enjoy the new body awareness you will have afterwards.

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