The history of eyelash extensions dates back to 3500 BC where Ancient Egyptians used brushes and ointments to have fluttery, large lashes. Today’s eyelash extensions though are made of silk, mink, or lightweight synthetic lashes and are applied directly on individual natural lashes. The extensions are applied using a semi-permanent adhesive by a professional lash artist. The extensions are mostly applied on the top lash line, and they are applied either in “clusters” or “fans” or individually.
While they are synthetic, quality extensions shouldn’t be compared to the fake eyelash extensions of previous years. They’re miles ahead in quality compared to the lashes from the 60s, 70s and 80s! They are also quite different than the DIY lash extensions or strip lashes you can purchase. Eyelash extensions are designed to be lighter on the eyes and a lot more natural looking. When using lash extensions, especially if it’s the first time, you might fear having unnatural results or allergic reactions. This is why it is necessary to consider all the factors before using eyelash extensions to get your desired look.

How Do You Choose The Right Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are available in different materials, lengths, volumes, and curls. As mentioned above, it is necessary to pay attention to each of these factors to get the best results. Mostly, the materials used to make eyelash extensions are silk, mink, synthetic and faux mink. Your eyelash artist will discuss each of these materials with you and come up with the lashes that are perfectly customized for you.
Here are a couple other issues that you would need to discuss with the lash artist before the application of extensions.

Eyelash Extension Length

Choosing the wrong length of eyelash extensions could damage your natural lashes. Additionally, they will make you uncomfortable, and you might look creepy.
The lashes could also be too heavy, thus preventing lash follicles from growing healthy lashes. Therefore, when choosing eyelash extensions, the rule of thumb is that the extensions should be at 3mm-5mm longer than your natural lashes.

Moreover, the diameter of the extensions should be as close as possible to the diameter of your natural lashes. The thicker the diameter is than that of your natural lashes, the more drastic the change will be.
So if you want to achieve a dramatic look with long eyelash extensions, go for a thin diameter. This way, you can reduce the weight and achieve balance.

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