Your skin’s outermost layers aren’t doing your complexion any favors. Skin cells on the surface flatten and dry like tiny scales, dulling your skin’s appearance and making darker skin tones ashy. Then comes along the Dermaplane treatment. Think of it as the next step beyond exfoliation. It removes those extra layers to reveal smoother skin and evens out irregularities such as superficial acne scarring and fine lines.

Dermaplaning is the process of taking a scalpel blade to the skin of the face to provide exfoliation, according to Kenneth Mark, M.D., a cosmetic dermatologist, and Mohs skin cancer surgeon. At first, the idea of a sharp tool and your skin might sound a bit scary, but Mark says in addition to exfoliation, dermaplaning just removes vellus hairs, which are more commonly known as peach fuzz, adding that “the result is a more radiant, less dull, smoother texture complexion.”

Want to know more? Here are our top reasons why you need to schedule our dermaplane:


Dermaplaning is ideal for dealing with surface unevenness. Light acne scarring and fine lines are hard to conceal with makeup because these tiny surface imperfections reflect light irregularly. A Dermaplane treatment resurfaces, and with repeated treatments, the skin becomes smoother.


What we think of as pores are really hair follicles, and if you look at them closely, you’ll see they’re shaped like little funnels. With dermaplaning, the top rim of the funnel is removed, reducing its size and making it less noticeable. By making these tiny dimple-like indentations smaller, the normal sebaceous filaments that often appear on the nose and cheeks also become less obvious.


You can’t pour water into a cup with a lid on it, and you can’t get moisture to skin that’s parched when its outermost cells are dry and tough. Dermaplaning removes that barrier to let your skin drink in moisturizing serums and anti-aging creams more efficiently. Using it in conjunction with chemical peels lets the product penetrate more effectively, and gives you better results with every treatment.


It’s a non-invasive treatment that takes only a few minutes and leaves your skin looking revitalized immediately. You won’t have to wait weeks to see results; as soon as you leave your appointment, your skin is ready for the spotlight.


Because dermaplaning creates a smoother skin surface and removes the peach fuzz that can interfere with makeup application, cosmetics glide on beautifully to create the seamless, poreless look of a magazine cover. Don’t worry about the peach fuzz coming back thicker and darker. That’s an old wives tale! Any hair that’s removed during a dermaplane treatment will grow back at the same rate as it did before.


Unlike other types of skin exfoliation that may use chemicals that will be absorbed by your skin, a dermaplane treatment offers a deep exfoliation that is chemical-free.

Bonus: It feels good! Dermal resurfacing through dermaplaning is one of those rare treatments that give you real results while offering you a relaxing experience from the same appointment.

Dermaplaning $60

Chemical Peel & Dermaplaning Package $75

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