A lot of people are reluctant to get microblading for their brows—and with good reason. Like any beauty enhancement procedure, microblading requires that you carefully considered your options before committing to anything. But, if you’re looking for one last push to get the brows of your dreams, then look no farther. Right now is the perfect time of year to get your eyebrows microbladed!

A lesser-known bonus to cooling temperatures and the change in seasons is that it’s the perfect season for microblading. Microblading healing is easier in winter, making it easier for you to follow microblading aftercare instructions.

Read along to find out more about why getting microblading in the winter is the ideal time!

What is microblading and why is microblading healing important?

Microblading uses microneedles formed into various blade sizes. These microneedles are able to deposit pigment into the layers of your skin in order to create a new and natural brow shape.

Our microblading artist will match the pigment to the color of your hair (or to whatever color you prefer your brows to be). The needles slice into the superficial layers of your skin to deposit the pigment. They use specific strokes and techniques to mimic your natural brow hair; this creates a brow that appears natural, full, and shaped to perfection.

A key part to getting that end result you want is in the microblading healing process. Ignoring or failing to follow the aftercare instructions provided to you will cause your end result to be affected. And while you can follow the instructions at any time of the year, having your microblading done in the fall or winter makes it naturally easier for your body to give you the result you want.

Let’s look at three reasons why that is.

Reason 1: Cooler weather means less sweat

One of the key stipulations during the microblading healing process is that you limit any sweating, extra oil, or excessive heat. This is because sweat and heat can re-open the pores in your skin. Sweating after microblading pushes the pigment (that was so painstakingly placed during the microblading appointment) back out of your skin, which will change your end result. 

As you can imagine, especially here in Joplin, it’s hard to avoid sweating and heat during the spring and summer. That’s why winter is perfect for microblading healing; the cooler weather means less sweat and heat, which helps with the healing process.

Reason 2: Less direct sunlight

Direct sunlight and tanning beds can cause the pigment used during microblading treatment to change in appearance and/or color. As with the heat, direct sunlight is hard to avoid in the spring and summer.

While there’s still sunlight during winter, the rays are less intense than in other seasons. This makes it easier for you to heal from your microblading treatment.

Reason 3: Fewer “dangerous” activities

Now, with this, we don’t really mean that there are fewer truly dangerous activities. You can skydive bungee jump and skateboard any day of the year.

What we mean is that there are fewer activities that are dangerous for your brows. Most microblading aftercare instructions ask that you refrain from heavy exercise, swimming, and tanning while you’re in the healing period after getting your brows done.

Surely people still swim, tan, and spend hours outside in the winter, but it’s definitely rarer than during the spring and summertime. Winter will allow you to rest and heal easier than in the spring and summer. You won’t have to skip a fun summertime trip to the beach, the river, or the lake when you get your brows done in the winter!

Microblading healing is ideal for winter!

Now that winter is in full swing, you’re in the perfect season for microblading. Microblading in the winter makes the healing process easier, which means you’re more likely to get the perfect results that you want!

Microblading also saves time

If you spend an hour a day perfecting your brows, then you’re wasting 7 hours a week just on getting your arches done. It might not seem like a lot, but in reality, that’s almost a whole workday! Not to mention that that’s 28 hours a month that you could have spent reading a book, playing with the kids, or just plain relaxing. 

The good news? Microblading means that you only have to spend one to two hours total on your eyebrows in the span of up to two years. After one session, all you need is a couple of touch-ups, and you’re done! No more wasting time in front of a mirror. No more wasted hours looking for the brow products that work best for you.

Get your eyebrows microbladed today!

Now that you are up to speed on why to get your eyebrows microbladed this winter, it’s time to book an appointment! Our experts are always ready to answer questions, and you can contact us by clicking here! Our services are sure to be compatible with all skin types – after all, we never use any harmful chemicals.

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